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Our Aluminium office door extrusions are the epitome of versatility, offering an array of applications that redefine the way you approach office door signs and desk nameplates. Their interchangeability knows no bounds, making them the ideal choice for nearly unlimited uses. Plus, with our extensive range of inserts, you’ll always find the perfect match for your business colors and decor.

Imagine the Possibilities: With these extrusions at your disposal, you gain the power to:

  • Clearly Identify Offices: Assign each office to its rightful occupant, eliminating any confusion.
  • Personalise Employee Desks: Make it easy to associate desks with specific employees, enhancing organization.
  • Streamline Meeting Room Availability: Instantly convey whether a room is available for meetings or in use.
  • Identify the Manager on Duty: Ensure everyone knows who’s in charge at any given time.
  • Mark Personal Lockers: Eliminate locker mix-ups by clearly labeling them.
  • And So Much More: The potential applications are virtually limitless.


Holder Sizes & Styles

With three distinctive styles, two versatile sizes, and two appealing color options, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect sign holder to enhance your display.

Dual Extrusions

Our innovative channel design offers remarkable versatility. It allows for sliding front panels, perfect for creating Office Door Signage like Vacant/Occupied or Night/Day indicators. Plus, it hides mounting screws for a clean, professional appearance.

Available in 2 sizes (40mm or 60mm) and two elegant colors (sleek black or classic silver), you can match your specific needs.

For a polished finish, add Black Plastic End Caps to your Dual Extrusions, elevating your designs with sophistication and seamlessness.

Flat Extrusions

Also known as Ticketing Stip or C Chanel Aluminum Extrusions. These extrusions are slim and offer the flexibility to be used in many applications. 

Available in 2 convenient sizes – 35mm or 60mm you can select the ideal fit for your specific requirements. Plus enhance the aesthetics of your display by choosing between two sophisticated color options: the contemporary sleek black or the timeless classic silver (clear) finish.

Desk Extrusions

Sleek and presentable these extrusions can be used to idenity working stations. 

Enhance the aesthetics of your desk by choosing between two sophisticated color options: the contemporary sleek black or the timeless classic silver (clear) finish.

Insert Colours & Print Options

Our engravable color options include a wide spectrum of choices, allowing you to create inserts that harmonise with your branding, decor, or personal preferences. Elevate your inserts even further by incorporating your business logo in vivid color UV Printed directly onto your insert, or create a stunning completely printed full colour insert

Standard Engravable Colours

Non-Standard Engravable Colours