Commercial Engraving & Cutting is the Pilbara’s only supplier of etched or engraved Cable Tags, custom manufactured stainless steel signage, Traffolyte Labels, Stencils and Acrylic Panels.

CEC has a reputation for providing high attention to detail, highest quality goods and services with fast and efficient turn around times times for all our clients.
Traff - GOOD

Traffolyte is a generic term for engravers 2 ply (colour) plastic laminate. Traffoltye is a hard wearing, UV resistant, durable plastic.

Cable Tags - GOOD
Etched Cable Tags

Our Industrial Stainless Cable Tags and Cable Ties are made from 316 Stainless Steel.
Commercial Engraving & Cutting hold bulk quantities in all sizes of Cable Tags and Cable Ties

Industrial Signage

Commercial Engraving & Cutting is the Pilbara's only supplier of custom manufactured, thin gauge stainless steel, with permanently marked precision fiber lasered engraving.
We will manufacture any size and shape you require for your project.

Acrylic - needs work

Commercial Engraving & Cutting hold a large range of Acrylic in various colours and thickness, cut to any size you require with a flame-polished edge.

Engraved bottles - GOOD
Engraved Cups & Bottle

Commercial Engraving & Cutting offers a premium engraving service on your supplied cups and bottles and on our large range of available Cups & Bottles .

Trophy - GOOD
Trophies, Medals & Awards

Commercial Engraving & Cutting offers the highest quality and comprehensive collection of quality trophies and awards products.
With everything from cups to medals, stylish glass & acrylic awards to certificates, classic trophies to custom-designed acrylic awards, our current selection of over 10,000 products promises something to suit any event or occasion.

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Laser cutting works by directing a highly concentrated laser beam onto the product, resulting in a precisely cut edge with a high-quality surface finish and an accurate reproduction of your design or product requirements. .


Laser cutting works by directing a highly concentrated laser beam onto the product, resulting in a precisely engraved edge with a high-quality and an accurate repeatable reproduction of your design or product requirements.


Laser marking is what happens when the beam interacts with the surface of a material, slightly altering its properties or appearance. Most commonly resulting in a black precisely marked marking on steel.


Don't have access to the right software to make your requirements come to life? that is ok! sketch it down add your measurements and bring it into the workshop. Let us draw it up for you with the latest CAD and Design software.

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